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The secret to losing weight is who you eat with, not what you eat

Everybody is always on some sort of diet, and all diets basically end up being the same thing:

Eat less than your body needs for fuel.

So if you eat a lot, you need to exercise more.  If you don’t exercise a lot, then you should eat less.  And the types of foods you eat should be considered relatively “healthy” compared to cookies, cake, and ice cream.

Remember, kids – “delicious” doesn’t always equate to “good for you”.

Inflatable Fat Suit
Inflatable Fat Suit

But there is one little known secret about how you can convince yourself to eat less than you normally would.

All you have to do is SURROUND YOURSELF WITH SKINNY PEOPLE WHEN YOU EAT, and you subconsciously will end up putting less on your plate and eating less.

A study did just that – they put an actress in a fat suit and had her serve herself on a buffet line either a large or small portion of either healthy or fatty foods (and then did the same thing again when not wearing the fat suit).

The study showed that people in line behind the fat person put more on their plate of the unhealthy foods than when they were in line behind the “skinny” person.  When behind the skinny actress, the people ate healthier foods and smaller portions.

So if it comes down to who should you decide to eat with – the study proves one thing – not only that you are what you eat, but you become similar to the people you eat with.

If you eat with fat people, pay attention to your portion sizes and types of food you eat.  If you eat with skinny people, you’re probably already starving yourself.