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How to sterilize a kitchen cutting board

How often do you clean – we mean REALLY clean – your cutting board?

Chances are, your cutting board is not as clean as you think it is, and is harboring all sorts of nasty, disgusting germs.

Boos Cutting Board
Boos Cutting Board (Maple)

If you’re like Web Watch, you already have a plethora of different cutting boards lying around. You have the standard wood cutting board, some plastic cutting boards, maybe an acrylic board or two.

And when it comes to Thanksgiving and carving the Thanksgiving bird, you’re always careful to use the right board for the job.

And when it’s time to put the cutting boards away, you always follow the correct procedure in cleaning and sanitizing your cutting board to protect yourself from all sorts of food-borne illness, bacteria, and disease:

First, you’ve got to wipe down the cutting board. Duh. Get rid of all the stuff that’s stuck to the top of it.  Then rub it down with soap and water like you normally would.

The difference comes in when you’re dealing with either wood or plastic cutting boards.

Plastic cutting boards should be wiped down with a cleanser that contains chlorine or bleach.  And the good thing about plastic cutting boards is that they can be put into the dishwasher too.

For wood cutting boards, you’ll want to wipe them down with an ammonia cleanser, such as Mr Clean.  And be sure to wipe your wood down dry after you’re done cleaning it.

Follow the rest of the directions on the linked page for more tips regarding the care and feeding of your cutting board — we don’t want you to be getting sick around us, do we?