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Seven must-have kitchen gadgets, and three to avoid

A Microplane

Web Watch does enjoy watching Food Network shows like WORST CHEF IN AMERICA, if only because we know that we are certainly not inept in our own kitchen.

We may not make the most amazingly-great tasting or nutritiously well-balanced meals, but we would never starve ourselves or our guests.  And it’s all because Web Watch knows our way around a kitchen.   Cooking is like driving – the method may not be pretty, but we’ll get you there.

Which brings us to today’s list of SEVEN KITCHEN GADGETS THAT EVERY KITCHEN MUST HAVEAnd we must agree — almost item on this list is a must-have in the Web Watch kitchen:

  • Microplane – yeah, we don’t have this exactly, but we know we need one.  Funny thing – the New York Times just did a profile on Grace Manufacturing, the company heralded for revolutionizing the use of woodworking tools in a kitchen environment.  65% of the company’s profits come from the microplane and other culinary products. Not bad for a company that only recently discovered that there is money to be made in “making sharp objects”.
  • Pressure Cooker – okay, we don’t have this one either.  Honestly, what would we do with it?  Make Chik-fil-A sandwiches at home?   Fine – that’s actually a pretty good reason to do so.
  • Stand mixer – the ubiquitious Kitchenaid or other version, seen in every Better Homes & Gardens kitchen spread for years.  If you have one, use it.  If you don’t have one, get one.  You’ll be glad you did.  Especially if you’re trying to make homemade nougat.  Trust Web Watch on this one.
  • A high-quality Chef’s knife – Spend the money on a good knife.  You’ll use it more than you think you will, so dollar cost averaging over the life of the knife and not cutting yourself, it’s worth it.
  • Food Processor – Web Watch has two: a large one for party-sized meals, and a small one for single meal use. Sure, it’s probably overkill – but we use both.
  • A Slow Cooker – Gotta make chili and Coca-Cola Braised Pulled Pork BBQ somehow.
  • A High-Speed Blender.  Like the BLENDTEC blender, as seen on WILL IT BLEND?  Yeah, we use it more than we thought we would.

So now that you have these seven must have items, you may want to also check out this list of THREE KITCHEN GADGETS TO AVOID COMPLETELY

Sadly, Web Watch has at least two of the three items on the list.  First, we don’t agree that an ice cream maker is a worthless kitchen gadget if you use it — but we will agree that owning two ice cream makers is a bit of overkill in the Web Watch pantry.