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Chocolate Oreo ice cream done in 40 seconds – The BlendTec Recipe

BlendTec Blender

Web Watch enjoys watching the WILL IT BLEND videos on YouTube.  Whether it be a blender full of marbles, a broom handle, or an iPhone — the BlendTec Total Blender makes fast work of turning those items into inedible shrapnel.

As they say – don’t try these experiments at home.

But there’s something about having a blender with over 1600 watts of ice crushing power that makes you say, “we gotta have that”.  In part because we’ve blown through other blenders when trying to go through different food prep over the years, and in part it’s because Web Watch wants to have the option to shred a jar full of marbles. 

We may never do it, but it’s nice to know that we could if we had to.

What’s cool about the BlendTec blender is not that we can make Hawaiian Shaved Ice (for snow cones!) or perfect restaurant-quality margaritas.  It’s that we can make both hot soup and near-frozen ice cream in the same blender.

BlendTec is in the process of revamping the thick recipe book that comes with the blender — the edition that is in the box was printed in 2006, and there have been a lot of recipe changes since then.  And while the recipes that are in the existing recipe book are decent and time-tested, sometimes Web Watch likes to go off the beaten path to create our own BlendTec-compatible foods. 

For example, we made CREAMY GAZPACHO ANDALUZ in the BlendTec, and it was fabulous.  We recommend adding some extra garlic or tabasco to give the soup a bit more kick, but the standard recipe worked just fine.  They weren’t kidding when they said, “But to get it right, we’d need more than just a good blender.” 

Since we have made soup in our BlendTec blender, now it was time to try making some 40-second ice cream. This came out pretty tasty, with a soft-serve consistency and good chocolate flavor that wasn’t overpowering:

Chocolate Oreo Ice Cream (BlendTec version)

  • 4 oz of vanilla soy milk
  • 1 oz of heavy whipping cream or half-n-half
  • 1 pack of dry chocolate drink mix. On the package, it should say that it will make a 6-8 oz cup of hot chocolate when added to water.
  • 5 or 6 whole Oreo cookies
  • 1 cup of ice (one scoop should do it, depending on the size of your ice scooper)
  1. In your BlendTec blender, add listed ingredients in order above, finishing with the ice
  2. Press the “ice cream” button on blender


If the mixture never firms up and stays watery, then you need to add more solids to the blender and press the PULSE button to blend. Try another ounce of cream or half-n-half, or another cookie or two. Do not add more ice, as that will not help freeze the mixture.

If the mixture is too thick and doesn’t churn, or creates an air pocket by the blades because the ice isn’t getting blended properly, then try adding some additional liquid to the blender and press PULSE to blend. You’ll want to turn off the blender and use a long spoon to try to clear the air pocket and get the liquid to the bottom of the carafe before trying again. This is most often caused by having too much ice in the blender to start.

There is no need to add any additional sugar to the mixture. Between the chocolate mix and the cookies, there should be enough sweetness in the mix already.

2 replies on “Chocolate Oreo ice cream done in 40 seconds – The BlendTec Recipe”

Hi ,
I tried this recipe with my blendtec blender, but the consistency was very watery inspite of adding dry milk powder etc. I used fat free condensed milk instead of soy milk. please let me know what could have gone wrong. Becos I did twice and both times it was watery

If it’s too watery, you may have too many ice cubes, or not enough solids in the mixture. Try adding another cookie or two, and cutting back on the ice. We haven’t used condensed milk vs the soy, so don’t know if that is contributing to your problem.

Keep trying, and let us know how it turns out.

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