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20 Ways to Avoid Taking a Shower

Web Watch knows many new mothers who go through the “new mom phase” where they cut their hair short, so they don’t have to take the time to wash it while their baby sits quietly in the corner of the bathroom playing with empty shampoo bottles.

Apparently, washing your hair – however short it may be – is considered a luxury for many new moms who can’t even take the time for a quick shower as that would take time away from their baby.

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How to sterilize a kitchen cutting board

How often do you clean – we mean REALLY clean – your cutting board?

Chances are, your cutting board is not as clean as you think it is, and is harboring all sorts of nasty, disgusting germs.

Boos Cutting Board
Boos Cutting Board (Maple)

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The #1 Reason to Get Rid of your Tupperware RIGHT NOW

When was the last time you attended a Tupperware party?

We think the last one we attended was around 1992 or 1993.  But the Tupperware we have from that event is still going strong.  (don’t lie to us and tell us otherwise – we won’t believe you even if you’re trying to tell the truth)


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Worst argument for working in an office vs telecommuting, ever

Some people are lucky enough to WORK FROM HOME.  They think that just because they’re home all day, that really is like a vacation day and they can spend the entire time running errands or taking care of house projects under the guise of “working”.

Others take their telecommuting a bit more seriously, and end up working longer hours than their office-bound counterparts in order to retain the flexibility of maintaining a home office.

The Work-at-Home Success Bible: A Complete Guide for Women: Start Your Own Business; Balance Work and Home Life; Develop Telecommuting Strategies
The Work-at-Home Success Bible:
A Complete Guide for Women: Start Your Own Business;
Balance Work and Home Life; Develop Telecommuting Strategies

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The most germ-filled place in your kitchen

Everybody likes to joke about how they’ll never eat at That Restaurant anymore, because that restaurant received a bad food health inspection score.

Web Watch fully subscribes to this theory, having rejected restaurant after restaurant that we used to enjoy, after they received less than 60 out of 100 possible points on inspection scores.

Look, we get it – the health inspector has a job to do to protect the public health.  But remember, whenever you see a food score – keep in mind that it was likely negotiated UP a few points.  In other words, the score of “80” that you see pasted on the wall?  Chances are it started out in the mid-60’s.


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4 Rules of the Laundromat that Everyone Should Know

When was the last time you visited a laundromat?

Here’s a better question: if you have a washer and dryer at home, would you ever find yourself with a need to go to a laundromat ever again?

Web Watch would say, “yes, you can find reason to go to a laundromat even if you have a perfectly fine washer and dryer at home.”

Let us explain…

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Why does your front-loader washing machine smell like mildew?

The other day, Web Watch was asked whether we knew anything about FRONT-LOADING WASHING MACHINES.

Of course, we did. So we sat down on a nearby chair to hear our friend’s problem.

He was having trouble, as he had gone over to his girlfriend’s house to do some laundry (and, we’ll assume, have a little bit of “we time” while the wash was getting done).

But his girlfriend had a front-loading washing machine, and it just stunk up the place.  It smelled so bad, our friend said, that he was concerned about whether it would actually get his clothes clean.

Web Watch told him not to worry.  Front-loading washing machines are great.

But you have to follow these simple steps to ensure that it doesn’t get all stinky on you:

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How much does it cost to clean up vomit?

Cab drivers don’t have an easy life.

For one things, we’ve always been told “never get into a car with a stranger”, and yet when it comes to riding in a cab — that’s exactly what we’re doing.  Odd that this is typically the very first thing that we end up doing when we visit a new city.  Who are these people? Where are they taking us? Are they ripping us off in doing so?

But don’t let a few bad apple cab drivers ruin the experience for everyone. 99% of all cab drivers out there are just good ol’ working folk, trying to make a living.