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What does a home inspector look for?

When was the last time you bought or sold a house?

In today’s economy, it’s the perfect time to buy a house with super-low interest rates (currently hovering around the 3.2%-3.8% range… dirt cheap money).  And with the low amount of resale housing inventory, it’s also the perfect time to sell your house… assuming it’s in relatively good condition.

In other words, it’s both a buyer’s and a seller’s market – at least at certain price points and in certain neighborhoods.

So now that you’ve decided to buy (or sell) your home, what are things that you can do to insure that you’re getting a good deal and not some money pit?

How To

Why does your front-loader washing machine smell like mildew?

The other day, Web Watch was asked whether we knew anything about FRONT-LOADING WASHING MACHINES.

Of course, we did. So we sat down on a nearby chair to hear our friend’s problem.

He was having trouble, as he had gone over to his girlfriend’s house to do some laundry (and, we’ll assume, have a little bit of “we time” while the wash was getting done).

But his girlfriend had a front-loading washing machine, and it just stunk up the place.  It smelled so bad, our friend said, that he was concerned about whether it would actually get his clothes clean.

Web Watch told him not to worry.  Front-loading washing machines are great.

But you have to follow these simple steps to ensure that it doesn’t get all stinky on you: