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Rent your own arcade machine

Have you ever wanted to own your own arcade machine in your basement?  (Notice how we refuse to use the term MAN CAVE here?

How many hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in quarters have you thrown into one of these electronic marvels, only to end up dying on the final level because some idiot jostled your arm at the last moment?

Wouldn’t you like to own your own arcade machine?  We know what you’re thinking — we don’t want to own a single game.  What would happen if we ever got bored of playing Ms Pac Man?  That’ll just be a total waste of money.

Arcade Legends 3 Upright Multi-Game Video Arcade Game Machine
Arcade Legends 3 Upright Multi-Game Video Arcade Game Machine

That’s what the folks behind ALL YOU CAN ARCADE were thinking when they set up their business.  They just want to be the NETFLIX OF ARCADE MACHINES, where for a low monthly fee you can have as many different arcade machines as you’ve ever wanted (just one machine at a time, of course).

They’ll charge you $75 a month, which includes delivery, to bring a classic arcade game to your home.  Play it for as long or as little as you’d like, then swap it out for a different game the next month.

Does it pay for itself?  You bet!

A classic Ms Pac Man in decent working condition can run anywhere from $400-$600 to own.  If you subscribe to ALL YOU CAN ARCADE of just 8 months, not only have you paid the same money as if you had purchased that Ms Pac Man machine, but you get these benefits:

  • No maintenance costs – AYCA will do all the repairs due to normal, non-abuse issues
  • No boredom – if you get tired of chasing ghosts, you don’t have to stare at that dust-gathering machine any longer than you want. Just go ahead and swap the machine out for Spy Hunter or Defender or whatever else tickles your fancy.

Having your own arcade game at home – even if you only rent the game for one month – really can bring a lot of fun to your next get-together.  All your friends can put in pool tables and big screen TVs… but an arcade machine? Not everyone has one of those…