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How Many Classic Arcade Games Can You Name? (It’s the arcade version of Where’s Waldo?)

Web Watch is a big fan of the classic video games that populated arcades back in the 80’s and early 90’s.

Not like today’s gaming arenas, filled with craptastic ticket-dispensing machines that teach kids different variations of gambling in order to “earn” enough tickets to buy a lousy stuffed animal that would have cost half as much if purchased directly from the local Toys R Us.

No, we’re talking the classic quarter-munching games like Galaga, Ms Pac Man, Defender, i-Robot, Dig Dug, Robotron, and others from the best game years.

Laugh all you want, Nintendo-boy.  We liked our games simple, with a single joystick and maybe two buttons.  Cheesy audio and bad graphics were state-of-the-art at the time… and you still felt as if you got your quarter’s worth every time you played.

Arcade Fever - The Golden Age of Video GamesArcade Fever – The Golden Age of Video Games

Which brings us to this challenge, Web Watch readersHOW MANY CLASSIC ARCADE GAMES CAN YOU NAME?  

 There are 56 different classic games included in this stylized 8-bit graphic.  From Frogger to Burgertime, any town with FLYNN’S ARCADE in the center of it is bound to have some worthwhile visual puns in it. 

Just click the red dots in the upper lefthand map to find each game challenge, type in what you think the answer is, and tally up your score.