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What would you do for $5? Better still, what would you pay $5 for?

Five Dollar Bill
A Five Dollar Bill

Quick – what would you do for $5?  What about a million dollars?

Web Watch has made many proposition bets for $1 – because you’d be surprised what people will do for one dollar, and it’s usually worth the price of handing over that bill.

You know what’s worth a $1 payment?  Watching someone do a series of cartwheels across the fairway at The Masters tournament.  Yes, they earned their money.

Getting back to the original question, as the old joke says, once you’ve identified that someone has a price to do a particular task, the rest is just negotiation.

And that’s where FIVERR comes in.

It’s a marketplace where enterprising people offer their services to anyone who wants to partake – and the going rate is exactly the same for everyone and everything: $5.

Yes, there is no small shortage of interesting activities that you could buy for $5.  A lot of Photoshop stuff, a few blogging ideas, and other writing services are available – but keep in mind that you get what you pay for.  Sometimes paying a little more than $5 is worth it.