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Perfect for Halloween – get a mask of your own face

Chimpanzee Alive - Animatronic Robot MonkeyChimpanzee Alive – Animatronic Monkey Robot

Who wouldn’t want to walk into a room full of people all wearing your own face as their Halloween costume?

Or, you could creep people out by “going as yourself” for Halloween, and still fulfilling the requirement of actually wearing a Halloween mask instead of just being a fun-sucker by not participating in the festivities.

That’s where two companies come into play to help you live your lifelong dream of being able to look yourself in the eyes by giving you the opportunity to CREATE A MASK OF YOUR OWN FACE.

First is a Japanese company called REAL-F (English translation here).  They require a professional photo shoot, either at their own studios or through someone who can provide the right image files per their specifications — they explicitly won’t accept just any photo to make their extremely life-like face masks.

They also don’t produce teeth, so be careful with that smile.  They also will produce a full-size mannequin to match your body, which would be an interesting gift for that special someone in your life.

On the other hand, if you don’t feel like subjecting yourself to that fancy Yen-to-dollar conversion, you can always go American and buy a custom LifeMask from THAT’s MY FACE for $299.   They’ll also do CUSTOM ACTION FIGURES if you need that as well.

All you need to do is send them one or two high-quality photos of your head, and they’ll do the rest.   Because there’s nothing more awesome than having a framed set of your family’s faces hanging on your living room wall.