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Halloween is over, so laugh at GOTHS IN HOT WEATHER

Goth BootsNow that Halloween is really over, Web Watch encourages everyone to take the time to laugh at those who still feel the need to rebel against society and dress in goth in their everyday lives during the most inopportune moment: in the heat of the day.

Everyone knows that dressing goth is best done in the cool of the night, preferably in the winter months when the extra layers provide appropriate protection from the weather.

Except for these folks – the GOTHS IN HOT WEATHER.

The depicted goths are all rated on a multi-part 10-point scale: the level of gothness being presented, and the overall sweat factor.

A goth level of 10, for example, is the gothiest goth you’ve ever seen.  A sweat level of 10 is the level of miserable that the goth is in for daring to wear all black outside on a hot summer day.

The best part about the site is that they are still without a book deal.  As the site owner proudly proclaims: “…the upcoming Goths in Hot Weather book (if the bastard thing ever gets a publisher)”.

Web Watch is sure they’ll have a deal eventually – everyone else has one, so why not a coffee table book featuring sweaty goths?