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Zombie Fun: How to “Eat Your Face” for Halloween

Special Effects Cookbook
Special Effects Cookbook

Mike Samonek wants you to play with your food.

That’s part of the reason he came up with the SPECIAL EFFECTS COOKBOOK and Special Effects cooking website, as a way to encourage experimentation in the kitchen and having fun while you eat.

Some of the recipes that are featured include:

  • Smoking Wicked Witch of the West’s Hat Cake
  • Foggy Graveyard Cake
  • Edible Spider Web and Spider
  • 3-D Dinosaur Carousel Cake with Spinning Pinwheel Top
  • Jurassic Gingerbread T-Rex Skeleton Cake

But the real genius recipe that Mike presents is the “Eat Yer Face Gelatin Mold Kit” that allows families to make Jell-o molds of their faces (or other appropriate… or inappropriate body parts, if that’s how you roll).

Just pour the mixture onto your head, let it set in a few minutes – and you’ll have a perfect gelatin mold to use to serve to those hungry Halloween guests. It may not be as professional-looking as the commercially-available BRAIN JELLO MOLD, but what other times are you going to be able to tell someone to eat your face off… and mean it?

And if that’s not enough food fun for you, Mike has other food ideas up his sleeve, such as his CHOCOLATE PERFUME.  Ooh-la-la!