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Disney theme park-related TV listings – Still waiting on Finding Kraftland

Modern Marvels - Walt Disney World
Modern Marvels – Walt Disney World

You shouldn’t have to guess that Web Watch has “Disney” coded as a search term on one of our TiVos, in order to record the latest television program about any of the Disney-theme parks.

With it, TiVo automatically records anything and everything that it thinks we might be interested in.  We’ve seen any number of Food Network-related programming, and practically every airing of  The History Channel’s MODERN MARVELS that seems to air about once every two weeks. 

And that episode where Full House visits Walt Disney World?  Yup – seen that more times than we care to, thanks to TiVo.

But once in a while, TiVo doesn’t know enough about the programs to know whether it should be recording something for us or not.  And that’s where Kirby Bartlett-Sloan comes in handy. 

Every week, Kirby compiles the LATEST DISNEY-RELATED TV LISTINGS for us, highlighting every Disney theme-park related program that’s airing in the next few weeks.  That’s how we were able to catch the DREAM ON SILLY DREAMER documentary that aired on The Documentary Channel a few weeks ago, or the Epcot-related episode of Yard Crashers.

So if you have a hankering for some Disney-related programming and don’t happen to have a TiVo sitting idly by to record everything for you automatically, you’ll want to give Kirby’s site a visit to make sure that your TV viewing schedule is up-to-date.

We’ll be honest – the real reason we keep visiting Kirby’s site is to see if/when FINDING KRAFTLAND will be aired for us home viewers.  So far?  No success.  But we’ll keep waiting.

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