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How to Dress like Lady Gaga

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After Web Watch posted about the TOP TEN HALLOWEEN COSTUMES FOR 2010, we received numerous requests about one of the entries: LADY GAGA.

So here is Web Watch’s GUIDE TO HOW TO DRESS LIKE LADY GAGA for Halloween.

First, let’s get some tips directly from Lady Gaga herself:

  • Wear lots of leather
  • A good, giant pair of sunglasses
  • A blonde wig… but not that “L.A. blonde, Hollywood porn star hair.” Actually, it should be a white wig, or sprinkle a blonde wig with baby powder.
  • Accessories should have a homemade quality about them. Her hairbow, for example, is cheap! Or buy hair extensions at a store for $2 each, and tie them into a bow for a glamorous hair sculpture

Now that we’ve heard from the source, here are some more tips on how to pull off the Lady Gaga look:

The LADY GAGA WIKIA suggests things such as:

  • A wig with long straight hair. Try platinum blonde, if you don’t want to go the “white” look mentioned above
  • A leotard or bodysuit, preferably in wild prints or metallic colors.
  • Feel free to experiment with mismatched prints or styles. This is fashion-setting stuff – don’t fear the fashion police by mixing-and-matching things that don’t normally go together.
  • Lady Gaga like to wear lace veils, and if her MTV Video Music Award outfit is any indication – extreme high heels are never a bad idea

Our friends at THE FRISKY posted some more accessible items in Lady Gaga’s wardrobe:

  • Short sleeve jackets (worn by themselves with nothing underneath, left unbuttoned)
  • Patterns in unexpected places to break up monochromatic outfits
  • Patterned tights
  • Funky bras, worn as outerwear
  • Oversized hats, oversized glasses, unusual makeup styling.  The more outrageous or avant-garde, the better
  • Try making a dress out of unexpected items not typically used for clothing.  Think Muppets stuffed animals, plastic globes.

New York Magazine came up with six different looks that could be had.  Here are three to give you some ideas:

  • Biker Chick: combine black leather motorcycle vests with leopard prints and torn tights
  • Fashion Week: combine a masquerade mask with a leather motorcycle jacket, tiny black dress, and fingerless gloves
  • Love Game: combine a black leotard with a leather motorcycle jacket and a studded belt.  (Web Watch is beginning to see a trend here…)

Some sites have TIPS FOR CRAFTING LADY GAGA’s ACCESSORIES too:  all you need is some cardboard, fabric, and a hot glue gun… along with the requisite giant sunglasses, wig, high boots, leather jackets, studded belts, and fashionable underwear

Of course, you could always go with the LADY GAGA ORIGAMI DRESS, but who has the time to make that many paper swans?

Of course, if you’re all out of ideas, try some of these:

How to make the Lady Gaga red lace outfit

How to make the Lady Gaga Bubble Dress

How to make the Lady Gaga Origami Dress

Here’s one last idea, inspired by MUSICTOOB:

  1. Strip down (or bring out your trusty body suit – your call, depending on whether this is an office Halloween party or not)
  2. Using Scotch Tape, apply either (a) shredded newspaper, or (b) cut out paper snowflakes to yourself.   You could go ironic, and use paper-doll clothing cutouts — see, it’s pretend clothing, used as REAL clothing!
  3. Once the appropriate naughty bits are covered, secure them to the body suit with a hot glue gun, staples, or other dramatically dangerous fastening device.  Be sure to remove the body suit before doing the fastening!!!

The important thing is to not worry about what other people think.  Half of any Halloween costume is the attitude you have wearing it.  If you BELIEVE you’re dressed like Lady Gaga, then you’ll be able to convince others that you are too.