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Lady Gaga can be hazardous to your health

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga

Doctors around the country have issued warnings to anyone who is trying to dress up like Lady Gaga, saying that DRESSING UP LIKE LADY GAGA CAN BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH.

And since Web Watch wants to be sure that you have this information in a timely manner before you decide to emulate your pop hero for Halloween, we thought we’d share now instead of closer to October.  It’s our public service announcement of the day.

  • Don’t wear “Circle Lenses” cosmetic contact lenses.  Wearing over-the-counter contact lenses without a doctor’s care are almost never a good idea, no matter how trendy those giant eyeballs make you look.
  • Don’t follow Lady Gaga’s eating advice.  Gaga said “pop stars don’t eat”.  Really?   Don’t believe it.
  • Don’t wear gigantic platform shoes.  You’ll most likely fall over and twist an ankle.  You know you will.
  • Don’t wear lingerie that can kill yourself or someone else.  Convert those flamethrowing bras to ones that shoot whipped cream, like Katy Perry did.