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Seen Lady Gaga’s TELEPHONE video yet? Here’s a list of 25 things you may have missed

Lady Gaga Telephone Remixes

Hopefully you have seen Lady Gaga’s latest video, TELEPHONE, by now.

If not, here’s the 9-minute long video for you:

Whether you like Lady Gaga or hate her, there’s something about an artist willing to take the music video and turn it into something more of an event that you have to appreciate on some level. Michael Jackson may have pioneered the long-form music video, but Lady Gaga is the latest to have picked up the concept and run with it.

If you take the time to watch the video closely, here are 25 THINGS TO LOOK FOR IN LADY GAGA’s TELEPHONE VIDEO.  Some of the highlights include:

  • At about 1:34 we see a woman rockin’ Lady Gaga’s Heartbeat headphones. Unless you follow everything Gaga, you may not have known what those are.
  • Around 2:00, a chime plays and a voice over the speaker comes on. This chime is the same as the opening of her song “Monster.”
  • During the fight scene, the one in black (that looks like Lady Gaga) is Lady Gaga’s sister Natali.
  • At 5:35 is Gaga’s most important product placement, a Polaroid camera. This is significant because of Gaga’s position as the Creative Director for Specialty Line of Polaroid Imaging Products