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Our Wrestling Name is “Prince Kingpin”. What’s Yours?

wrestler mask

If only changing our name was this easy.

Being a casual wrestling fan, Web Watch knows how important it is to have an awesome-sounding Professional Wrestler Name.

So now we know, thanks to the PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER NAME GENERATOR that our professional wrestler name is “Prince Kingpin”.   If Web Watch were fighting as a wrestling diva, our name would be “Curvy Val”.  Don’t think that’s going to happen.

The nice thing about this generator versus other name generators out there is that the creators have added some additional responses if you’ve tried to get the professional wrestler name for various celebrities.  Take these, for example:

  • Donald Trump = “You’re Fired”
  • U2’s Bono = “Bono Sucks”
  • Jimmy Carter = “Farmer Peanut”
  • Clint Eastwood = “Dirty Harry” (okay, that one was a little obvious)

How many more funny pre-determined names can you come up with?