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How to pick the ultimate Fantasy Football team name

Official NFL Fantasy Football League Draft Kit
Official NFL Fantasy Football League Draft Kit

It’s about that time of year again.

Football vs Hand EggWith the World Cup over, we can officially move on from “football” to “hand egg”.

(You know, “hand egg”.  Because that’s what an NFL football looks like.  Oh, never mind – we’ll start over.)

Take 2:    With the World Cup over, we can officially move on from soccer to professional football.

And with professional football comes everybody’s favorite office diversion after Farmville, managing your FANTASY FOOTBALL TEAM.   And Web Watch is here to help you with the most important part of managing your team — CREATING THE BEST FANTASY FOOTBALL TEAM NAME.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Don’t use the name of any existing players or teams as part of your team name.   Calling your team BRETT FARVE COMES OUT OF RETIREMENT isn’t funny or original.   Instead, use your team name to crack a joke about one of your other friends in the league and how much their team (or life outside of Fantasy Football) is going to suck this year.  Making fun of your friends can always lead to funny team names
  • If you really want to use an existing team name as your own, at least try to switch it up a little bit.  Do you like the New York Giants? Why not go with a nickname for New York instead, like “Apple Jacks”, a play on Big Apple?  (yeah, we know that’s a lame example.  Web Watch is free, remember?)
  • Try naming your team after the rabid team fanbase, like “The Hogs”
  • Using a favorite song title or lyric can be interesting.  We recommend not using Lady Gaga song titles, however.  They’re just not mean-sounding enough to make it onto the gridiron.  Country songs often work well, like BIG GREEN TRACTOR
  • Sports phrases or quotes are good, and they don’t necessarily have to be football-related.  THROW ME THE ROCK or ANOTHER SOUVENIR FOR A LUCKY FAN
  • Moving onto TV and movies, use a title or quote from your favorite movie or TV show.  WE’RE GOING TO NEED A BIGGER BOAT is great for a water-enthusiast Fantasy Football team.  WE WERE ON A BREAK could be funny for a recent divorced guy in your league.  The ever popular YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH is a bit overplayed, however.
  • Take an existing pop culture phrase and turn it around to work for you.  Sure, it may not have the same longevity of a movie or TV quote, but it’s a good time to put Kanye to some good use if you name your team IMMA REALLY HAPPY FOR YOU, I’M GONNA LET YOU FINISH, BUT YOUR TEAM REALLY SUCKS THIS YEAR
  • Where you’re from – your city, neighborhood, state, country work well if you’re the only one in your group from that location.
  • If you’re a girl playing in the league, go with a name that’s extra frilly.

And after all that, if you still can’t come up with a good name on your own, there are PLENTY OF SITES ONLINE THAT CAN HELP YOU CHOOSE a great fantasy football team name:

  • FANTASY TEAM NAME GENERATOR – includes a random team generator, and a random stadium name generator
  • CHOOSE A TEAM NAME – this printed banner company took all the team names that were submitted to them to be printed up and listed them on their site for you to browse through.  May not have any funny items on here, but even these actual team names may inspire your funny
  • FANTASY TEAM NAME VOTING – submit your team name to the system and let others vote whether they think it’s a good name or not.  Be warned – most of the submitted names look like they’ve been sent in by 10-year-old boys who love making fart jokes
  • RANDOM FANTASY TEAM NAME AND LOGO GENERATOR – There are two team name generators on this page, and both of them will not only generate a random fantasy football team name for you, they will also supply an appropriate and matching team logo.
  • YES, IT’S ANOTHER FANTASY FOOTBALL TEAM NAME GENERATOR – but this one will generate as many random team names as you’d like
  • YET ANOTHER RANDOM FANTASY FOOTBALL NAME GENERATORpick one from column A (“non-pro team city, agitated adjective, goofy adjective, Crayola and mail order catalog colors, violent adjectives”) and one from column B (“war terms, non-college mascot animals, things that sound dirty but aren’t, 80’s villains, items that include ground meat, hair bands, wrestling moves”) and the system will figure something interesting out

So let’s recap what to do to make the best Fantasy Football Team Name — you want it to be funny, timely, and funny. Occasionally crude, depending on your league participants. And you want it to be something that you’ll have trouble getting engraved onto the League Trophy and displaying proudly on your mantel at the end of the season for all to see.