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Video Fun: Disney Character FAILs

Mickey Never Fails
Mickey Never Fails



But sometimes Mickey does have a bit of a bad day.  As do many of Mickey’s Disney pals around Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and the other Disney theme parks.

Because being a walkaround character (sometimes called “rubberheads” or “FUR CHARACTERS” by some) is not always the best job to have in the theme park. 

Your vision is hindered, if you can see at all.  The costumes are heavy, unbearably hot, awkward to manuever in, and not often cleaned to smell as fresh as they should be.  You’re often kicked, poked, prodded, propositioned, and occasionally abused by children young and old-enough-to-know-better.

Yes, being a Disney Costumed Character has been called ONE OF THE WORST JOBS AT DISNEY specifically because of the high accident/injury rate associated with it according to INSIDE THE MOUSE, a book based on interviews with former park employees.

And with all that, the employees who act as “friends of” each character continue to do so in order to bring smiles to the faces of every park visitor.  And for putting up with all that, and doing their job well — we at Web Watch salute you.

Until, as they say, something goes horribly, horribly wrong.   So today, Web Watch is proud to bring you the “best of the worst” as DISNEY CHARACTERS FAILBecause c’mon – some of this is pretty funny, right?

Walt Disney World parade during a hurricane, part 1

Walt Disney World parade during a hurricane, part 2

Mickey falls down

Minnie Mouse Loses her Underpants

Tweedle Dee Loses his Head!

Goofy gets run over by a float

Peter Pan falls down

Abraham Lincoln takes a nap

Alice gets dizzy and falls

Beauty and the Beast dancer takes a dive

Mrs. Potts goes Belly Up

Baloo can’t see where he’s going

Mike from Monsters Inc falls down

Pink Elephants on Parade go Boom

Beast loses his pants

Mad Hatter Practical Joke

Piglet goes to the Bathroom

Parade float runs into curb

Or just see many of the above Disney Fails in one single video: