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Video Fun: Let It Go (from Disney’s Frozen)

It’s argueably the biggest movie song since Celine Dion’s MY HEART WILL GO ON (theme from Titanic). While Pharrell’s HAPPY may dominate the pop chart as of this writing, the Oscar-winning song LET IT GO from Disney’s FROZEN has captured the hearts of movie goers and song lovers everywhere.


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Visualizations of Winnie the Pooh neurological disorders

Tigger on the Couch: The Neuroses, Psychoses, Disorders and Maladies of Our Favourite Children's Characters
Tigger on the Couch: The Neuroses, Psychoses, Disorders and Maladies of Our Favourite Children’s Characters

Earlier this year, Web Watch mentioned a study called PATHOLOGY IN THE HUNDRED ACRE WOOD: A NEURODEVELOPENTAL PERSPECTIVE ON A.A. MILNE that discussed which various mental and psychological illnesses the Pooh characters suffered from.  Let’s recap, shall we?

  • Winnie the Pooh has ADHD and OCD, has very little brain, and suffers from obesity and binge eating
  • Piglet has a generalized anxiety disorder
  • Eeyore has dysthymic disorder, housing problems, and suffers from a traumatic tail amputation
  • Rabbit, it should come as no surprise, is narcissistic
  • Tigger also suffers from ADHD and hyperactive-impulsive tendencies
  • Kanga and Roo have to deal with Kanga being a single, unemployed parent while Roo hangs out with a bunch of undesirables – like Tigger
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Read “Cast Member Confidential” for behind-the-scenes Disney fun

Cast Member Confidential
Cast Member Confidential -a Disney Employee Memoir

If you’re a Disney park fan, then one thing that you’re probably interested in is some of the behind-the-scenes stories about what it’s REALLY like to work at the Most Magical Place on Earth.

Sure, you could read KEVIN YEE’s book MOUSETRAP: MEMOIR OF A DISNEYLAND CAST MEMBER, or maybe even Inside the Mouse: Work and Play at Disney World, The Project on Disney, based on interviews with former Disney employees.  Both are excellent books for what they cover, and Web Watch recommends them highly.

But sometimes works like those can offer some views of life at Walt Disney World or Disneyland that are a bit more whitewashed than how things actually were.  Looking at working at the Mouse with rose-colored glasses, if you will.

Sometimes we want to see a truth that’s a bit more unadulterated and unfiltered.

Sometimes we want to really pull back the curtain and see what life really is like to work as a cast member at one of the World’s Busiest Theme Parks.

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Video Fun: Disney Character FAILs

Mickey Never Fails
Mickey Never Fails



But sometimes Mickey does have a bit of a bad day.  As do many of Mickey’s Disney pals around Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and the other Disney theme parks.

Because being a walkaround character (sometimes called “rubberheads” or “FUR CHARACTERS” by some) is not always the best job to have in the theme park. 

Your vision is hindered, if you can see at all.  The costumes are heavy, unbearably hot, awkward to manuever in, and not often cleaned to smell as fresh as they should be.  You’re often kicked, poked, prodded, propositioned, and occasionally abused by children young and old-enough-to-know-better.

Yes, being a Disney Costumed Character has been called ONE OF THE WORST JOBS AT DISNEY specifically because of the high accident/injury rate associated with it according to INSIDE THE MOUSE, a book based on interviews with former park employees.

And with all that, the employees who act as “friends of” each character continue to do so in order to bring smiles to the faces of every park visitor.  And for putting up with all that, and doing their job well — we at Web Watch salute you.

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Improving Disney Shopping, Part 5: Tigger Watch 2011 revisited


Web Watch last had a TIGGER WATCH article almost a year ago, which is plenty of time to have passed to see if Disney has been paying attention and improved the Disney Shopping Experience.

We were prompted to revisit TIGGER WATCH 2011 due to popular Disney blogger JIM HILL’s recent column entitled DISNEY’S GOING BACK TO THE FUTURE WITH WINNIE the POOH.   Why?  Because there are some things in Jim Hill’s article that just didn’t seem to add up.

Jim Hill quotes  Andy Mooney, Chairman of Disney Consumer Products, as saying that Disney has “done a lot of research” regarding the Pooh characters and marketing franchise.  Mr Mooney states, ““We talked with a lot of mothers. Who do most of the buying when it comes to Winnie the Pooh merchandise.”  He continues, “What we’re really looking to do here is return these characters to their roots. Try and recapture what made them so popular, so desirable in the first place.”

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Winnie The Pooh gets the ALIEN treatment, and Tigger finds out what Tiggers do best

The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh (and Tigger, Too)
The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh

Winnie The Pooh and his pals have had many adventures over the years, and even though Pooh gets top billing most of the time, Web Watch knows that Tigger is the real star of the show.

Others seem to appreciate the timeless Pooh and Tigger stories as well, and every occasionally we will run across some Tigger and Pooh fan fiction – you know, those fan-created stories featuring their favorite characters.  Heck, in 2000, the Canadian Medical Association published their own fan fiction featuring the characters in the 100-Acre Wood entitled PATHOLOGY IN THE HUNDRED ACRE WOOD: A NEURODEVELOPENTAL PERSPECTIVE ON A.A. MILNE that the Pooh characters suffered from various mental and psychological illnesses:

10 Things Disney How To Internet News

Picking a good password is important. “Tigger” is not a good password.

username password underwear

A recent study has been released that took a look at over 32 million passwords that were published onto the Internet after a hacker broke into the ROCKYOU.COM website.

This is the first time that a password study of this magnitude was able to be performed, but it did confirm a few things about users and the passwords they choose:  PEOPLE ARE NOT PICKING SECURE PASSWORDS FOR THEIR ONLINE ACCOUNTS.

The most common password found online is typically 12345, although the ROCKYOU data had the most common password being 123456, with nearly 1 percent of the ROCKYOU users being that uncreative.  Go figure – that extra digit made it that much harder to hack into the critical ROCKYOU website. 

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Improving Disney Shopping, Part 4: Tigger Watch 2011

When Web Watch last wrote on the topic of IMPROVING DISNEY SHOPPING, we noted how Disney merchandising was starting to turn the giant ship around into more favorable shopping options for fans.

And with last month’s news about the NEW WINNIE THE POOH FEATURE FILM BEING RELEASED IN 2011, Web Watch thought that this will be a great time for a case study to see whether Disney really is looking at how to properly merchandise their franchises.

Why a case study, and why “Tigger Watch” instead of “Winnie the Pooh Watch”?