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One family’s quest to go one year without Disney

Mousetrapped: a Year and a Bit in Orlando
Mousetrapped: A Year and a Bit in Orlando

Web Watch has to admire people like Lisa Ray.

Lisa has strong convictions and a big stick-to-it attitude that isn’t often seen elsewhere.  She really does mean what she says, and says what she means.  Good for her.

Lisa, the founder of PARENTS FOR ETHICAL MARKETING, was upset at how the Disney corporation handled a refund request for the Baby Einstein line of early-learning DVDs.  Her reaction to those events (already documented elsewhere) led her to comment to her family, “I wish we could boycott Disney. But I don’t think we can. They’re too big.”

This got her 12-year-old daughter thinking, and she suggested that maybe they could go a year without Disney.

Lisa liked this idea so much, she decided that was exactly what she and her family were going to do: go A YEAR WITHOUT DISNEY.

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Improving Disney Shopping, Part 5: Tigger Watch 2011 revisited


Web Watch last had a TIGGER WATCH article almost a year ago, which is plenty of time to have passed to see if Disney has been paying attention and improved the Disney Shopping Experience.

We were prompted to revisit TIGGER WATCH 2011 due to popular Disney blogger JIM HILL’s recent column entitled DISNEY’S GOING BACK TO THE FUTURE WITH WINNIE the POOH.   Why?  Because there are some things in Jim Hill’s article that just didn’t seem to add up.

Jim Hill quotes  Andy Mooney, Chairman of Disney Consumer Products, as saying that Disney has “done a lot of research” regarding the Pooh characters and marketing franchise.  Mr Mooney states, ““We talked with a lot of mothers. Who do most of the buying when it comes to Winnie the Pooh merchandise.”  He continues, “What we’re really looking to do here is return these characters to their roots. Try and recapture what made them so popular, so desirable in the first place.”

Disney shopping

Improving Disney Shopping, Part 4: Tigger Watch 2011

When Web Watch last wrote on the topic of IMPROVING DISNEY SHOPPING, we noted how Disney merchandising was starting to turn the giant ship around into more favorable shopping options for fans.

And with last month’s news about the NEW WINNIE THE POOH FEATURE FILM BEING RELEASED IN 2011, Web Watch thought that this will be a great time for a case study to see whether Disney really is looking at how to properly merchandise their franchises.

Why a case study, and why “Tigger Watch” instead of “Winnie the Pooh Watch”?