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Should You Change Your Password? Yes, yes you should.

My Top Secret Passwords notepad
My Top Secret Passwords notepad

With all the recent news about hackers breaking into major sites and stealing usernames/passwords, it was only a matter of time before some enterprising person would compile all those released databases and provide a practical service.

SHOULD I CHANGE MY PASSWORD has done just that, with a tool that makes it easy for you to see if your email address was included in one of the released databases.

As we’ve covered in Web Watch before, most people use the same username/passwords for almost all their sign-ons, so we won’t tell you again what you should change your password to (check the related links below – you’ll see those suggestions there).

But if you’ve used, at the very least, one of the following systems – you may want to check to see if your email address was contained in the released datafiles.  If it was, you may want to take corrective action.

Heck, you may want to change your password anyway – just because you can.

Among the current list of databases that the site is using are:

  • Various gaming forums
  • Various Sony sites
  • X Factor
  • MySpace
  • NATO Bookshop