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Video Fun: Rebecca Black FRIDAY Mashups

   Saturday (A Parody of Rebecca Black's FRIDAY)
Saturday (A Parody of Rebecca Black’s “Friday”) – Single

It’s Friday, Friday – Gotta get down it’s Friday!

Here are some FRIDAY mashups you may not have heard yet. And while you’re listening to this songs, why not pop over to BENNI CINKLE’s website “THAT GIRL IN PINK” and say “hi”.  Be nice to her – she’s written a book on cyber-bullying that all parents should know about.

Who’s Benni Cinkle?  She’s the girl dressed in pink in Rebecca Black’s FRIDAY video.  Yeah, the one who’s dancing.  Gotta give her credit for making something out of what was probably just a “hey, this sounds like fun thing to do”.  Good for her.

Crappy Friday

vs Justin Bieber

vs Katy Perry

vs We The Kings

vs Trolololo