Black Friday comes early: major retailers to open on Thanksgiving instead

Black Friday
Black Friday

Thanksgiving is coming soon, and with it that annual rite-of-passage called BLACK FRIDAY.

You know – that’s the day that everyone wakes up extra early during a 4-day holiday weekend (if they go to sleep at all) and trudge the family out to the local mall to see if there are any bargains to be had.

Web Watch will save you some trouble — we’ve looked at a number of the ads for this year, and all we can say is “eh”. Sure, go out and buy something if you absolutely need it, but we didn’t see anything that is making us plan on losing sleep. 

But some retailers are scared that they are not going to be making their year-end numbers unless they are able to get a jump on the competition by opening their doors a bit earlier than the others.

WAL-MART and SEARS have announced that they will be open on Thanksgiving.

  • Sears will be open from 7am – noon on Thanksgiving.
  • Some Wal-Marts will be open all day on Thanksgiving
  • Toys-r-Us will be opening at 10pm on Thanksgiving evening
  • Target will open at 3am on Friday in some markets

As always, check your local stores to see if they will be participating in these special hours – but if they are, be prepared to head out and join the throngs.

Here’s an idea — if you are an enterprising high school student and the weather looks to be a bit chilly that day, invest the time in re-selling hot Dunkin’ Donuts (or Starbucks, or Waffle House, etc) coffee to the frozen people standing in line.  A $10 investment could earn you $20 or more if done right.  Be sure to have plenty of sugar and creamer, and maybe some donuts or two.  Of course, sealed packages are always preferred… but if you can sell a $0.25 donut for $1.00, it will be well worth your effort.