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The best Halloween Candy bargain – how to get more candy for your buck

Halloween is known for three things:

  • children asking strangers for candy
  • women getting free reign to wear the sluttiest costumes ever
  • people gorging themselves on post-Halloween candy sales

Look, it’s the beginning of the “let’s get happy and fat holiday season”, so why not start it off with a handful of your favorite candy snacks?

World's Largest PEZ Dispenser
The World’s Largest PEZ Dispenser

How To

Not double-bagging your groceries can kill you

There are many different, silly ways to die – at least, that’s what the video says:


But who knew that you could die just because of how you carry your groceries?

Red Large Reusable Nylon Grocery Tote Bag
Red Large Reusable Nylon Grocery Tote Bag

10 Things Internet

Stuff you can do on the Internet in 60 seconds

How much time do you waste on the Internet every day?

Can you count your Internet time in minutes?  Hours?  Doubtful to even ask — but can you count what you do on the Internet in seconds?

1001 Incredible Things to Do on the Internet
1001 Incredible Things to Do on the Internet


Most Iconic Brands across the US

Whenever Web Watch travels around the country, we always try to “go local” whenever possible.  We can eat at an Applebee’s or a McDonald’s almost anywhere… but we’ll go out of our way to chow down at an IN-N-OUT BURGER or grab a beer at the WYNKOOP BREWERY because, well, we can’t get that stuff locally.

Well, we could if we put some effort into the project, but you know what we mean.  When you travel, you want to be like a native.  If that means drinking sweet tea while in the South, or grabbing some BBQ in Texas, having a lobster roll in Maine — well, by golly, that’s what we’re going to do.

From Altoids to Zima: The Surprising Stories Behind 125 Famous Brand Names
From Altoids to Zima:
The Surprising Stories Behind 125 Famous Brand Names


Still relevant: Millennials love to shop at the mall

Sure, Robin Sparkles may have made LET’S GO TO THE MALL a big hit in Canada, but that was a long time ago.

When was the last time that YOU, Web Watch reader, went to the mall on your own just to wander around?

Chances are, you haven’t.  Most malls and major mall retailers appear to be losing retail sales — except Apple Stores — primarily due to online retailing.   But should malls still worry?

10 Things Travel Websites

Embrace your future: one of these 75 cities is where you want to be

The future is a scary place, in part because nobody who’s been sent there in a time machine has ever come back (that we know of).

So we don’t have any future warnings of things that might be if we don’t change our ways.

News shopping

Wal-Mart refuses to refund $2.90; throws couple in jail (charges were later dropped)

Chicken Head Mask

Wal-Mart has a policy of having “greeters” at the front door of all their stores.

One of the jobs that the greeters and security staff are tasked with is to double-check receipts to ensure that everything that is being carried out has been paid for per the receipt.

Mary Hill Bonin and her husband are suing Wal-Mart for the Wal-Mart staff doing their job.

Unfortunately, it’s the Wal-Mart staff that allegedly appears to have acted inappropriately in this case.  All Mary and “Ricky” wanted to do was buy $2.90 worth of chicken necks.  According to the Wal-Mart security guard, the chicken neck was being shoplifted – that is, being taken out of the store without having been paid for.


Underpants sales are up! (How does this affect the economy?)

Nice Underwear welcome mat
Nice Underwear!

You may recall a few years ago when Web Watch told you about the Hot Waitress Economic Index and the Underwear Economic Index

That’s right, folks – if you’ve been following along with Web Watch over the years, none of today’s post will be news to you.

CNBC is reporting that now,  UNDERPANTS SALES ARE RISING.