Internet Websites


Think you’re good at using the Internet?

Are you a GOOGLE GOD?

Maybe you should sit down and check yourself, ’cause you ain’t got nothing.

Internet Basics for Beginners - How To Send E-mails and Surf the Net With Ease
Internet Basics for Beginners
How To Send E-mails and Surf the Net With Ease

Here’s the situation:  you need to take the INTERNET SURFING / ONE CLICK CHALLENGE.

It’s easy.  All you need to do is get from one semi-randomly selected page on the Internet to a second semi-randomly selected page on the Internet faster than your competitors.

Oh, and there’s a catch. (there’s always a catch, isn’t there?)

You can’t use a keyboard.  You can’t use your browser’s BACK button.  You can only use your one-click mouse to continually move forward across the Internet.

The point of this exercise is that you should be able to get FROM anywhere on the Internet TO anywhere else on the Internet.  The question is whether you can take the most direct route or not (or whether there even IS a direct route at all).

So here’s an example that should be pretty easy:

  • Start at the home page for The New York Times and end at any page on the USA

Beware – click onto the wrong link, and you may end up on a poorly-coded link that leads to ABOUT:BLANK — a complete dead-end that will definitely have you lose this competition.   And we got to that page in less than 10 clicks.

In the linked example above, they had a few more challenging examples:

  • Get from FACEBOOK to MYSPACE
  • Order three wildly different items from Amazon. Have you ever tried to use Amazon solely by clicking forward? It’s pretty darn impossible.
  • Get from a Toilet supply company to an Art Fair’s website.

Go ahead – challenge your friends.  Everything should be possible, if you know where to look.  And click.

Now excuse me, we’re going to see if we can get from the AAA.COM website to the ZZZ.COM website by only clicking forward.   If you can do it – let us know if the comments how you ended up making it work.