Inexpensive stock photographs… but not if you use Internet Explorer

We’ve all been stuck in the same situation:

The boss comes up to us and asks for a quick presentation or website mockup. Sure, we can do that, but you’re going to need some fresh photographs and imagery for the material.  It’s going to cost you.

So where do you go when you need an image, fast?

Stock Photography: Residual Income With Your Digital Camera
Stock Photography: Residual Income With Your Digital Camera

You can’t go to Google Image Search – even though you’ll find practically every image you could ever want, copyright laws prevent you from just grabbing any random photo there and utilizing it for your own purposes.

So you have to find a stock photography site.  But theyr’e always so confusing and hard to use.

That’s where FOAP.COM comes in.  For just $10 per photo, you can use that image an unlimited number of times for whatever reason you want.   Of course, there is a catch.

There’s always a catch.

Some photos can only be used for editorial purposes.  Meaning you can’t make a product using the photo for commercial reasons.  Nothing in an advertisement, for instance.   Other images allow you to have free reign to do with what you will.

As for making money? Just take a photo and upload it to your FOAP account.  Once someone buys your image, you can cash out.  It’s that simple.

Did we say there’s a catch?   As of this writing — FOAP.COM doesn’t work with Internet Explorer.  It worked under every other browser we tried, so don’t you worry about that.

Who wants to use a site that you could reference with Internet Explorer, anyway?  That’s just silly.