Internet Websites

What the Internet Knows About You


Quite a bit, actually.

Visiting this site will display a list of all the most popular websites that you’ve visited.

The question is, how does this website even know?  And will disabling JavaScript or anything else keep this from happening?In a nutshell?  No – there’s pretty much nothing you can do, because the site is simply displaying links to the top 1000 sites just like any other site would.

The difference is that the site is paying attention to which of those 1000 links would appear in a different color because you’ve already visited those sites.  You know, that funky purple link instead of the nice blue link you normally see for a site you’ve never visited before?

So the site is not displaying links for sites you’ve never visited, and doing a fancy graphic display for sites that you have been to.  Simple, isn’t it?

Now that you know how it works, go send the link to your friends and scare ’em a little bit.