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60% of web surfing is done via a mobile device

Do you have an iPad, Android tablet, or netbook?  Are you glued to your iPhone, Android device, or Blackberry?

Web Watch is going to take a wild guess that you’re not just using those devices for making phone calls or using them exclusively for business.

Apple iPad
Apple iPad

It’s true – mobile devices are taking over the world of Internet interactivity, and if you’re not prepared to follow the crowd, you may be left in the dust.

A RECENT iPAD USAGE SURVEY took a look at how over 2000 people used their iPads, and the answers really aren’t that surprising to Web Watch.

  • 45.4% of web browsing is now being done on iPads.  When combined with web browsing done by smartphones, the survey has determined that over 60% of web surfing is being done on something other than a standard PC.  (Web Watch will question that number as being a bit aggressively high, but we don’t disagree with the trend.)
  • Generally speaking, Web Browsing is still the most popular iPad activity.  This is following by “using email, Facebook, Twitter, or other communication apps”, “using other apps”, “watching video”, and “playing games”.
  • 71.4% of iPad users have downloaded over 20 apps.  A whopping 33.5% have over 50 apps on their iPad.  But… not everybody is paying for their apps.  Only 25.3% of iPad users have paid for just 1-5 apps total.

So what does all this tell you?

iPad users love their devices… but aren’t willing to pay for a lot of those “we have an app for that” features that are being advertised everywhere.

Face it, the web itself is generally free (well, more-or-less free once you’re on it, advertising aside).  Who wants to pay for an app when you can just go to a website and get the exact same information?