The Hot Waitress Economic Index

Waitress BarbieRemember the Men’s Underwear Economic Index that Web Watch mentioned the other day?

Have you heard about the HOT WAITRESS ECONOMIC INDEX?

As the creators of the index note, it is similar to the Overeducated Cabbie Index or Speed at Which Contractors Return Calls Index, both of which should give the casual observer some indication of how desperate for work some people are during certain economic times.

The Hot Waitress Economic Index is simple: during a down economy, even super-hot women can’t find desired work so they resort to waitressing.

There’s nothing wrong with waiting tables. Web Watch knows that we would suck at it, and we are quite happy being waited on by someone who knows what the hell they’re doing.

But if your local watering hole doesn’t have the word “hoot” in its name and suddenly starts hiring scads of hot ladies, it may be a sign that you should stop ordering those fancy imported beers and thinking about saving money by drinking just the $1 PBRs for a while.  At least until the economy recovers.