What’s The Highest Blood Alcohol Content YOU’VE Ever Had? Can You Beat .91%?

Blood Alcohol TesterEverybody should have access to a portable Blood Alcohol Tester when they go out to a bar or a party.

That way, you’ll know whether you can drive home, take a taxi/stay the night, or go straight to the hospital due to alcohol poisoning.

And since you really shouldn’t have a BAC higher than – oh, let’s say 0.08% – having yourself tested once in a while really isn’t a bad idea.  Remember, kids – a BAC of 0.4% or higher is really, really, really bad.

Here’s a list of 15 people who have had RECORD SETTING BLOOD ALCOHOL LEVELS where such a device probably would have helped them:

  • A 34 year old man from Portland, Maine registered .39%
  • A woman from Omaha, Nebraska registered .41%
  • A 49 year old man from Oakland, Maine registered .42%
  • A 48 year old man from Brisbane, Australia registered .40%
  • A 41 year old woman from Farmingdale, Maine registered .45%
  • A Seattle woman registered .47%
  • A man in Rhode Island registered .48%
  • A man from Lorain, Ohio hit .53%
  • A 30 year old woman from Oregon registered .55%, and another woman from Oregon hit .72%
  • A 38 year old Lithuanian reportedly hit .65%, with another Lithuanian exceeding that with a BAC of .839%
  • An Indiana man registered .69%
  • A Lock Haven man had a BAC of .90%

And the highest blood alcohol content registered so far belongs to a Bulgarian.

His BAC was .91%.