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Dancing with the Stars charges $233,482 per commercial

TV Commercials: How to Make Them: or, How Big is the Boat?
TV Commercials: How to Make Them: or, How Big is the Boat?

Have you ever wondered how much it cost to buy a commercial on your favorite prime-time TV show?

Well, worry no more.

Ad Age has done the research for you and has released it’s list of WHAT A TELEVISION SPOT COSTS for this TV season.

We already know that DWTS charges $233,482 per commercial (likely more as they get towards the finale).  But what are the highest-charging shows for each night of the week?  Here’s what we found:

  • SUNDAY:  Sunday Night Football – $512,367. Family Guy charges about $2k more than The Simpsons.
  • MONDAY: Dancing may pull in $233k, but the big money maker is still Two and a Half Men at $252,418.  House is a close second.
  • TUESDAY: Glee brings in the most, at $267,141.  But the Dancing with the Stars results show is still a healthy $216,703
  • WEDNESDAY: The X-Factor clocks in at $320,669 per spot, with midseason replacement American Idol allegedly getting $502,900 per spot.  Modern Family commercial time can be had for $249,388.
  • THURSDAY: The most important commercial time of the week for movie studios hawking their latest films, they’ll shell out big money for the X-Factor or American Idol results shows, at $283,034 and $468,100 respectively. Grey’s Anatomy still is a healthy $203,078 per spot.
  • FRIDAY: A relative bargain. Shark Tank (a phenomenal show) gets $67,227 per spot, with a few other shows bringing in slightly more.
  • SATURDAY: Did we say that Friday was a bargain?  Saturday is a commercial basement dweller.  Luckily, CBS’s college football lineup brings in big bucks for their spots, at $85,200 each…. otherwise, you’re looking at a ton of sub-$50k commercial slots.