Pole-Dancing Classes for Children

Are you looking for something for your kids to do this year for summer camp?

Why not send them away to LEARN HOW TO POLE DANCE?  All the kids are doing it, right?

The Sexualization of Childhood
The Sexualization of Childhood

No, seriously – this is a real thing.  Child Pole-Dancing Classes have been covered by Fox News,, NBC Sports, The Daily Mail, and even our friends over at The Frisky.

It’s been covered by the mainstream press, so why shouldn’t parents send their kids over to the local YMCA for an athletic exercise-themed class that just happens to use a fixed vertical brass pole as a workout device?

The classes are open to both girls and boys.  Because gymnastics simply is about building strong young bodies and increasing one’s health.

One such pole-dancing class advertises itself as appropriate for children as young as three years old.  The teacher of the class says that the classes aren’t sexual in nature, but rather “about exercise, having fun”.

Theater fans have seen many non-sexualized acts involving poles in many a Cirque du Soleil performance, so maybe there is some truth to being able to dance/exercise with a pole and not become an inappropriate activity.


What’s your opinion? Should interested children be allowed to take any gymnastics class they want, or should parents exert a little restraint in exposing their kids to something that could be misinterpreted as being entirely inappropriate?