Should there be a ban on smoking in cars when children are passengers?

No Smoking Car Freshener
No Smoking Car Freshener

Doctors in England have released a report where they are calling for a BOYCOTT OF SMOKING IN CARS BY PARENTS WHEN CHILDREN ARE PRESENT.

The Royal College of Physicians are claiming that over 22,000 cases of asthma and wheezing in children are being caused by exposure to secondhand smoke, resulting in 9,500 hospital admissions.

The study also shows that one-in-five infants that die from SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) is caused by secondhand smoke – about 40 infants per year.

The doctors realize that banning smoking in  home filled with children may not be possible or likely, they feel that they can get a law passed that would ban smoking in passenger vehicles, as well as parks, playgrounds, and other places where children are present.

As Web Watch previously pointed out regarding how gross it is to get a tobacco-scented delivery pizza, we would like to say that we have no problem ordering a delivery pizza in London, as smoking in commercial vehicles is already banned.