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Memo to Pizza Hut, Domino’s, and Papa John’s Pizza: Your Employees are Disgusting

Pizza HutDear Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Papa John’s… and all you mom-and-pop pizza places that are still out there:

Web Watch loves pizza.

We’ve eaten quite a few of your pizzas, and have usually enjoyed them.  Large, 1-topping pizzas.  Small deluxe pies.  Extra thin crust, deep-dish.  Meat lovers, vegetarian, supreme, barbeque chicken – we’ve had them all.

But there is a disturbing trend that we feel needs to be pointed out:  your employees are gross.  And gross employees lead to consistently gross pizza.

And it is because of this regular gross pizza experience, Web Watch has stopped ordering pizza from you for delivery.

What’s the problem with your employees?  It’s that your delivery drivers are smoking in their cars. 

They smoke in their cars before they deliver pizzas that day, they smoke in their cars while they’re delivering pizzas that night.   And none of this was listed as a 13 THINGS YOUR PIZZA DELIVERY GUY WON’T TELL YOU or the 17 MORE THINGS THE PIZZA DELIVERY GUY WON’T TELL YOU.  We’re adding “smoking around our pizza” onto that list.

Web Watch knows that your pizza-making locations are smoke-free environments.  You would never allow an employee to smoke in the area where the pizzas are made.

So why do you let the employees smoke in their cars while our pizzas are being delivered?  We didn’t order a pepperoni pizza with an ashtray aftertaste – we ordered our pizza smoke-free.  Web Watch can’t count the number of times that we have received a pizza from your establishments where the pizza boxes smell like they’ve been doused with tobacco juice and the pizzas taste like cigarettes, and frankly, we’re sick of putting up with it.

Sure, the pizza delivery drivers claim that they’re underpaid or that pizza places treat them poorly.  As pizza delivery guy “Tebok” so nicely states, “Customers do not have a constitutional right to pizza delivery.”  This we can agree on.  But we do have a right to not be served the bottom of a cigarette pack instead of the garlic bread that we ordered.  

It’s not just Web Watch – others have had the same complaint about smoking pizza delivery drivers before.

So while we may still order pizzas from you on occasion, we will be doing so for pick-up only.  No more pizza delivery from us until you get your employees to clean up their act.   If it matters, we also frown upon the pizza guy delivering our pizza that has been sitting next to a corpse, too, but that’s another story for another day.