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Bagels are more dangerous than wedding cakes. Coincidence?

Bagel Guillotine SlicerWeb Watch loves a good bagel.

We know that the best bagel places are always right next door to the city’s best chinese restaurants.  We don’t know why this is (shrimp & lobster sauce is kosher, right?), but we’ve seen the two together more often than not.

So of course we read THE HISTORY OF THE BAGEL GUILLOTINE SLICER in the Wall Street Journal, where we learned about the most dangerous foods that cause the most emergency room visits.

According to government research regarding how fingers are cut by knives (as reported by ER visits in 2008), the most dangerous foods are:

  1. Chicken (3,463 incidents)
  2. Potatoes
  3. Apples
  4. Onions
  5. BAGELS (1,979 incidents)

Rounding out the list were pumpkin carvers (1,195 incidents), cheese (1,236 incidents), and fewer than 100 incidents each for turnips and wedding cakes.

In case you were wondering, every American eats about 11 bagels per year at home.