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The Best Wedding Advice You’ll Ever Receive

The Wedding Planner
The Wedding Planner / My Best Friend’s Wedding

We all know the stereotypical wedding-movie plotline involves some crazy BRIDEZILLA who gets involved with planning a wedding (or a crazed wedding planner, or a father who tries to plan the perfect wedding for his daughter)…when Suddenly Something Goes Wrong!

Let’s face it – actual weddings and wedding planning can be much, much simpler than that.  Glamour magazine interviewed a number of wedding planners and came up with THE BEST WEDDING ADVICE EVER GIVEN that every bride and groom should try to follow – regardless of anything else – if you want to be able to sit back and really enjoy your nuptials.

  • You just got engaged – there is no need to rush out immediately to the corner newsstand to buy up the latest copies of BRIDE magazine.  Relax, take a moment, and learn how to say “my fiancee” instead of my “boyfriend/girlfriend”.  Unless you have less than 9 months to plan and execute the wedding (if you know what we mean), then there’s no reason to rush into the wedding planning right away.
  • A wedding and reception are meant to be fun…especially for the happy couple.  Ask an organized friend (or hire a wedding planner) to handle all the day-of-event activities so you don’t have to do anything other than smile, greet guests, dance, and get drunk.  There is no reason that you need to run into the kitchen to demand that the reception buffet be put out right now when you can send a minion to do your dirty work instead.
  • Not every wedding is picture perfect (remember Carol and Mike Brady’s crazy wedding?).  So what if the cake falls over or fight breaks out?  First, in today’s world of YouTube or America’s Funniest Home Videos, wedding events – planned or not – can go viral and make you some quick dough.  Besides, it’s the interesting weddings that everything still talks about years later.
  • When you write your thank-you notes, try to personalize them a bit more than just recognizing what the gift was.  And timeliness does matter – Web Watch recalls one wedding we attended where the thank-you note arrived two days after the ceremony!  It helped that the couple wasn’t leaving immediately for their honeymoon, but even so – it showed that the couple cared enough to set aside time in their first few hours of being married to recognize their wedding guests.