A must-read for anyone planning a summer wedding

Bride Flip-Flops
Flip-Flops for the Bridal Party

If you are planning on getting married over the summer, Web Watch has a website for you to visit immediately.

Because summer weddings are often miserable experiences — not necessarily for the happy couple, but for the guests as well.

With that, Web Watch wants you to visit SUMMER WEDDINGS RULES, courtesy of BRIDES WHO MEAN BUSINESS, an advice column covering all types of direct, to-the-point etiquette for brides who really want to know whether what they’re planning to do is the right thing or not.


  • Honeymooning in July or August?  That’s hurricane season.
  • Don’t have your wedding outside. Air conditioning is your friend
  • Don’t plan your wedding over a holiday weekend. While it’s convenient for you, it’s probably not convenient for anyone else
  • Same thing goes for wedding location – in the summer, try to stay away from touristy areas
  • Summer weddings do not equate to a required beach theme. 
  • And flip-flops are never appropriate for a wedding

Browse through the site — you’ll find all sorts of other helpful advice, such as what NOT to do with a groom’s cake, how to properly select wedding flowers and/or a flower girl, and whether having a junior bridesmaid is a good idea or not.