How to pick the proper flower bouquet colors for your wedding

Wedding Bouquets
Wedding Bouquets

One of the things every bride has to plan when putting together her wedding is what color palette to use with regards to her flower arrangements.

Once choice that the bride has to determine is based on the type of wedding that is being planned.  According to, there are SIX CLASSIC TYPES OF WEDDING STYLES to select from:

  • Glamorous (dramatic, leading lady, jet setter)
  • Romantic (feminine, princess, dreamy)
  • Classic (timeless, elegant, ladylike)
  • Modern (minimalist, trendy, simple chic)
  • Bohemian (etheral, earthy, free spirit)
  • Beach Casual (relaxed, breezy, pure)

The suggestion, apparently, is that if your wedding doesn’t fall into any of these six categories, you won’t be able to find a proper flower selection. 

Wedding planners often suggest selecting the colors based on the time of year that the wedding is taking place, in part by looking at WHAT FLOWERS WILL BE IN SEASON at the time of the wedding.  Some suggestions are:

  • Early Summer: delphinium, hydrangea, cymbidium orchids, roses and hosta foliage
  • Mid-Summer: dahlia and zinna
  • Late Summer: sunflowers, gladiolus, hydrangeas, iris, aster, cosmos, delphiniums, lilies, phlox, and poppies
  • Winter: amaryllis, anemone, calla lily, daffodil, gerbera daisy, heather, hyacinth, ornithogalum, ranunculus, sweet pea, tulips or viburnum.
  • Flowers good for any time of year are:  orchids, roses, lisianthus, and stephanotis

In case you were wondering, the 5 MOST POPULAR WEDDING FLOWERS are:

  1. Roses
  2. Hydrangeas 
  3. Peonies 
  4. Gardenias
  5. Sweet Peas