Survey: Brides aren’t wearing matching underwear on their wedding night

Planning what to wear for a wedding can be stressful enough — the dress, the shoes, the reception shoes, the post-reception shoes, the pre-party outfits, the hair and makeup outfit, etc.

But can you believe what the bride doesn’t panic about?

Just Married/Do Not Disturb Door Hanger
Just Married/Do Not Disturb Door Hanger

Wearing matching underwear on her wedding night.

That’s what UNDERWEAR RETAILER BraStop discovered in a recent survey about women’s wedding day underwear habits.

They found that women are much more interested in wearing matching bra and panty sets when they’re heading out for a “special date” than they are for their wedding night.

How significant are the survey results?  Just 17% of brides surveyed said that they managed to wear a matching set.  The primary reasons given for not wearing a matched pair were a lack of options that were appropriate for the evening, and the price when they found something that could work.