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The Ultimate Guide to Metrosexual Underwear

Metrosexuals, listen up!

You may think you know everything about everything grooming-wise, but apparently you do not.

Sure, you may go around looking all nice and pretty, and have a way with the ladies at the bar — but maybe you don’t know all the details of what women REALLY look for when you take your pants off.

Yes, men – women do care about your underwear.  They may not like to admit it, but just like the old saying, “clothes make the man,” so goes the other saying, “cartoon animal underpants are a big turn off”.

Kangourou (Kangaroo wearing Underwear)

We know you’re wondering why Web Watch is bringing this up now.

Apparently, it’s a really big deal in some parts of the world, as the state of men’s underwear could be considered to be in a bit of a funk (yes, pun intended).

Which is why The Observer published an opinion piece for men in Uganda outlining the RIGHT AND WRONG WAYS TO WEAR UNDERWEAR.  Web Watch didn’t think it was that complicated a situation — you just pick a pair out of the not-so-dirty pile and put ’em on.

Apparently, not only were we wrong – but so were men all around the world – hence the reason such an article needed to be written.

Here are some of the finer points of Ugandan Metrosexual Underwear Wearing that you should be aware of:

  • Make sure it’s clean
  • You must wear something for underwear, and change it at least once a day (for no reason should you wear the same pair of underwear two days in a row)
  • Cotton underpants are preferred, for comfort reasons
  • Women are turned on by boxer briefs
  • Underwear should never be shown off outside of one’s trousers or shorts, no matter how “cool” you think it may be to do so
  • The average man should own no less than five pairs of socks