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Women buy more men’s underwear than men do

We all know that the Modern Man doesn’t buy underwear.

At least, the Modern Man doesn’t buy any new underwear.  They just stick with the briefs or boxers that their mom last bought for them as they headed off to college, and then proceed to wear them until the waistband separates from the cool cotton comfort.

No elastic?  No problem!

There’s a reason why many rock stars on tour have “3-pack of underwear, assorted colors” on their concert rider.  It’s easier to have a fresh pair handed to you by a complete stranger rather than ask them to do your traveling laundry while you’re on stage.

Jockey Men's Underwear
Jockey Men’s Underwear

So when was the last time you bought yourself some fresh underpants?

Chances are, if you’re a guy, you didn’t.

According to a RECENT SURVEY FROM TARGET and JOCKEY, men aren’t the ones who buy their own underwear — they often leave that task to the women in their life (whether it be a wife, girlfriend or mom is up to the Web Watch reader to decide).

In fact, Jockey found that most men’s underwear was purchased by women aged 18-to-34, an age group that apparently really cares how their man wraps their package.

And what do consumers look for when selecting the Perfect Pair of Underwear?

  • the package (no pun intended) can’t be sealed up in plastic.  Women like to feel the cotton quality rather than guess what’s inside the plastic wrap
  • Function is more important than the way it looks.  If it’s a new fabric, for example.
  • Men are a creature of habit.  Like Web Watch said earlier – they’re perfectly happy wearing whatever Mom bought them 20 years ago.   Women are more likely to buy a new underwear style for their man.  Switching from briefs to boxers, for example.

So let’s play a little game, shall we?

The next time you’re out at a party, try these ice breaking questions:

  • How old is the oldest pair of underwear in your dresser drawer?
  • When did you last buy new underwear?
  • Has anyone else bought underwear for you?  If so, was it what you wanted if it was something different from what you normally wore?


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