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Your Office Underwear Checklist

The other day, Web Watch was walking through an office when we – literally – stumbled upon an unusual sight: on the floor in the middle of the hallway was a crumbled pair of women’s underwear.

Hallway panties, as it were.

Nobody was around that location at the time, although this was the middle of the morning and the office was thriving in other parts of the building.  And yet there that underwear lay, waiting for its owner to come back.

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What is the proper etiquette for a situation like this, when one just happens upon a random underwear scene?

Do you get on the loudspeaker and ask, “if anyone is missing their underwear, please claim it now”?   Do you send a mass email out, “a pair of underwear was found – if you can describe it, we’ll be sure to get it back to you”?

Does one grab a pencil or chopstick, and casually pick the underwear up and dispose of it in a nearby trashcan (or, if you’re the practical joker in the office, pin them to the bulletin board)?

To make a long story short, the underwear owner did find their missing garment on their own a few minutes later, picked it up and placed it back into their travel backback that had become unzipped (they were heading to the airport later that day, so in the end, this was just a whoopsie more than anything else).


And it ends up, the answer is “yes”.  For the office, women should pay significant attention to their underwear style choices, as you don’t want to have a faux pas and offend others by proving that you actually DO wear underwear in the first place.

  • Be sure that you don’t have any panty lines.
  • Don’t show off your bra straps
  • Keep your bra and panty colors to neutrals.  Save the fancy colors for date night
  • Wear the right size underwear; don’t try to squeeze in where you shouldn’t be

And as the article says, “nobody should know the size/color/shape/quality of your underwear, not unless you take it off in the office – which a classy lady does not.”