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The real secret to a woman’s happiness? Proper-fitting underwear

The No Wedgie Panty
The No Wedgie Panty

A recent survey by ShopSmart magazine asked over 1,000 women about their underwear.

  • On average, women own 21 pairs of underwear, mainly for convenience sake, so they don’t have to do laundry as often.  10% of women surveyed owned 35 or more pairs.
  • 47% feel sexier and more confident when they wear their “special” panties.
  • 27% said that their mood would be negatively affected from wearing uncomfortable or unattractive underwear
  • The most popular color palette were neutral, being reported by 65% of respondents.  White was the most popular color, followed by black and beige
  • The most popular style, at 46%, were briefs.  Women aged 18-34 were more likely to wear bikini-style
  • When it comes to putting their delicate lingerie away after doing the laundry, 56% fold their underwear while 27% just toss their panties into the dresser drawer
  • When complaining about their underwear, 30% said they hated getting wedgies the most.  19% hated panty lines and bunching, and 14% wanted more rear coverage.

And for all you who were wondering about those who go without wearing underwear at all?  10% of women surveyed said they go commando on a regular basis.