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How far would you go to avoid panty lines or tan lines? Would you do this?

Wedgie Tales and Panty Lines
Wedgie Tales and Panty Lines

Are you one of those women who go out of their way to avoid any semblance of panty line or tan line?

Just like you, Web Watch knows plenty of women who fear having panty lines so much that they are the first ones to admit that they invented going commando.  These women get angry at the thought of having to “be proper” and wear any sort of underwear that makes its presence known on the outside of their slacks or dresses.

Web Watch hears your screams.  We’re here to help.

That’s why you may want to pay a visit to C STRING – THE INVISIBLE LINGERIE.

Invisible?  That’s right – the C-String is underwear without those unsightly straps and uncomfortable elastic.  It takes the most important part of any pair of underpants – the part that covers the demilitarized zone – and gets rid of everything else.

But Web Watch – how can one wear a pair of panties that don’t have any sides to ’em?  You guessed it – you use your powerful buttcheeks to hold everything in place.  Hey, your butt is there for a reason; you might as well put it to work.

Don’t believe us?  Why not read the testimonials…:

  • …even while sitting through hours-long boring college lectures… you can easily forget you even have it on!
  • …very comfortable once you get it place properly…
  • …I wore it out last night and was out on the motorcycle… it stayed in place