Have you started your holiday shopping yet? Chances are you haven’t

As Web Watch has mentioned previously, we were done with this year’s holiday shopping weeks ago.  And let us tell you – there really is something about having that big checkmark off our list to really take a load of stress off of our shoulders.

We can drive by the mall or to the local Target or Wal-Mart and laugh and laugh at everyone else struggling to push their shopping buggy through the crowded throngs while we saunter around with our one or two items that we just happened to need to run in and get.

Like, we CAN go into Home Depot for a pack of light bulbs or batteries, and not be concerned about wasting time wondering what to get Crazy Uncle Dan this year that he won’t injure himself with.

The Procrastination Equation: How to Stop Putting Things Off and Start Getting Stuff Done
The Procrastination Equation:
How to Stop Putting Things Off and Start Getting Stuff Done

But it appears that Web Watch really is in the minority when it comes to being prepared and organized with our holiday shopping.  According to VISA (you know, the credit card people), 16% HAVEN’T STARTED THEIR HOLIDAY SHOPPING YET.

At all.  Nothing done whatsoever.

Of course, the wide majority of people — 77% — are still doing some amount of holiday shopping with Christmas looming just a week away.

How much money are people spending this year, on average?  About $278.   Yeah, that’s a lot more than Web Watch spent… which may be one reason why we were able to get away with all our shopping in just a few hours of time.  Maybe we should put some more effort into it.

As for that holiday budget?  Visa found that men who procrastinate their holiday shopping until the very last minute will outspend lazy-shopping women by almost double: $399 to $218.

So ladies, you may want to encourage your man to not do any shopping until the last minute.  You may luck out and get something more extra-special in your stocking than you were originally hoping for.