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Pubic hair mishaps on the rise. (Gives new meaning to Wax on, Wax off)

Maybe you’ve been one of the lucky ones thus far.  You’ve never nicked yourself… down there… with a razor.


But that all could be about to change, if a recent trend of specific emergency room visits is any indication.


Woman arrested for DWS: Driving While Shaving

What’s your most embarrassing arrest story?

Oh, you have to have one.  That one time that you were doing something completely, totally ridiculous — but it made sense at the time – but you ended up getting arrested for it?

Even if what you were doing was perfectly fine if you handled your business at home?

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The Ultimate Guide to Metrosexual Underwear

Metrosexuals, listen up!

You may think you know everything about everything grooming-wise, but apparently you do not.

Sure, you may go around looking all nice and pretty, and have a way with the ladies at the bar — but maybe you don’t know all the details of what women REALLY look for when you take your pants off.

Yes, men – women do care about your underwear.  They may not like to admit it, but just like the old saying, “clothes make the man,” so goes the other saying, “cartoon animal underpants are a big turn off”.

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It’s true: women hate beards

Women: do you like your men clean-shaven, or with some sort of facial hair?

Oh, don’t kid yourself. 

We know that you’re going to say that you like the casual, rough look of a slightly unshaven Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt or George Clooney.

But really, that’s just a cop-out.  Let’s compare apples to oranges here, and keep your choices to (a) clean shaven, and (b) a full-on, minimum 6-week’s worth of growth, manly man beard.

Which of those scenarios do you prefer?

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The World Beard and Moustache Championships: The First Official Book
The World Beard and Moustache Championships: The First Official Book

Any man worth their salt has grown a beard at some time in their lives.

It may not look good on you, but gosh darn it, you tried.

Then again, there are some men for which growing a Beard of Awesome Proportions is not just a rite of passage, it’s their life.

The folks at THE BEARDLY know how you feel.  They love their beards and want you to show your magnificence off for the world to see.