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Do you know how to dress yourself? Chances are, not so much

The Modern Man (or Modern Woman) has a lot of rules to learn along their travels in life.

What’s that old saying, “clothes make the man”?  As you know, there’s a lot of truth in this.  Especially in today’s workplace where there is so much question about what BUSINESS CASUAL means, and whether FLIP-FLOPS ARE APPROPRIATE FOR THE OFFICE or not.  (Hint: they’re not)

The Modern Man's Guide to Life
The Modern Man’s Guide to Life

So the next time you head into your closet to pick out something to wear for work (or for your next date, or a wedding, or job interview… oh, the list could go on and on), perhaps you should check out HOW CLOTHES SHOULD FIT to ensure that you actually know how your clothes really are supposed to fit.

Here are just a few of the tips we picked up from the site.  We’re going to go check out our closet and start throwing out things that don’t adhere to the rest of the rules on the site right away:

For example, do you know how to tell if your dress shirt collar is too tight?  Yes, if you can’t breathe or if it hurts to button that top button, then maybe the collar is too tight.  So aim for getting two fingers of space in there comfortably.

How long should your shirt tail be?  Long enough so that when you bend over to tie your shoe, your shirt stays tucked in.  Seems pretty easy, but a lot of men (and women) don’t seem to understand this.

It’s easy to know how many buttons you should button on your suit jacket, as there are two basic rules:  (1) always button the top button; (2) never button the bottom button.

For pants, you know you’ve got the right size if you don’t require a belt to wear them.  Belts are intended to be primarily decorative, not 100% relied upon.

When it comes to jeans sizing, consider going one size down.  The jeans will stretch out to what you’d consider a normal size.