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How to Dress Like Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs

Halloween is around the corner and Steve Jobs’ passing has led to an influx of people who want to pay tribute to the inspirational and creative business leader by DRESSING LIKE STEVE JOBS FOR HALLOWEEN.

But you don’t have to go to the store to buy a Steve Jobs Halloween costume.

All you have to do is the following:

We’ll start with the basics: 

We’ll assume that if you’re going to all this trouble, that you already have an iPad, iPod, or other portable Apple device to showcase.

So the bigger question that people ask is more “Why did Steve Jobs wear the same thing every day?”  The answer is pretty straightforward:

He liked having a uniform, a signature style.  When he suggested a standard uniform, like they do in Japan, to Apple employees, they soundly rejected the notion.  But that didn’t sway Steve from implementing the idea for himself.  Plus, the simplicity of his clothes never detracted from what he was trying to say or do. People paid attention to him, his words, his presentation — and never gave a second thought to the fact that one of the richest, most influential men in the world, was merely wearing comfortable jeans and a simple shirt.

It’s said that Steve Jobs had famed Japanese designer Issey Miyake design and manufacture all of his mock turtlenecks, but we don’t live the Life of Riley and can ask any designer in the world to design our clothes for us.  So we’ll have to settle for off-the-rack stuff.

Just remember to tuck the shirt into your jeans, and don’t wear a belt.

It’s at this point in our story that Web Watch will share what will probably be this year’s winning Halloween costume entry in many costume contests around the country this year. 

Sadly, it’s “ZOMBIE STEVE JOBS“.   Yeah, still too soon.