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Secrets to Designing a Professional Haunted House Attraction

Professional haunted house attractions all have the same features: buzzing chainsaws, scary clowns, creepy things touching you in the dark when you least expect it.

But while a haunted house may only be open for six weeks a year, DESIGNING a haunted house is a year-round activity. It takes a lot of work to build and create scare mazes that continue to deliver the screams year after year.

So what’s their secret?

The Art of Fear: Theories of a Dark Entertainer
The Art of Fear: Theories of a Dark Entertainer
(An in-depth look at the haunted attraction industry)

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Which Halloween Candy is WORST for your Diet?

Which Halloween Candy is Worse for You?

The sad part is which delightful, popular candy tops the list as the WORST CANDY YOU COULD POSSIBLY WANT TO EAT FOR HALLOWEEN (or anytime of year).  Watch the video to discover the horrible, horrible truth.

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The Top Haunted House Attractions in the US

We’ve already told you about HOW MUCH MONEY HAUNTED HOUSES CAN MAKE during the holiday season.

So if you’re not in the mood to make money running your own Haunted House, which haunted house attractions should be considered worth your money this year?

Haunted House Business Plan
Haunted House Business Plan

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The best Halloween Candy bargain – how to get more candy for your buck

Halloween is known for three things:

  • children asking strangers for candy
  • women getting free reign to wear the sluttiest costumes ever
  • people gorging themselves on post-Halloween candy sales

Look, it’s the beginning of the “let’s get happy and fat holiday season”, so why not start it off with a handful of your favorite candy snacks?

World's Largest PEZ Dispenser
The World’s Largest PEZ Dispenser

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What would you do to live rent-free?

What would you do to live rent-free? What would you put up with?

And we’re not even talking about moving back in with your parents.

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The Best Haunted Houses in America

Web Watch loves – and hates – haunted house attractions.

We love the concept, we love the designs. We love the insane creativity that goes on in putting on a successful Haunted House year after year.

But we wouldn’t be caught dead going to one as a guest.  We don’t find running through a scare zone all that much fun.

We know, we’re in the minority on this, as Haunted Houses are multi-million dollar businesses these days.

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How to dress like Honey Boo Boo (and other Halloween ideas)

By now, Web Watch is sure you’ve seen the trainwreck of a reality TV show on TLC, HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO.

We thought it would be a perfect time to tell you how to DRESS LIKE HONEY BOO BOO as the Perfect Halloween Costume for this year.

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How to Dress Like a Unicorn

“How can you dress like a unicorn?”

Surprisingly, it’s not a question that Web Watch gets asked often, but the fact that we’ve been asked how to impersonate a unicorn at least once is reason enough to write about this phenomenal product that we have found over at Amazon:

Magical Unicorn Mask (Creepy)
Magical Unicorn Mask

That’s right.   If you want to look like a unicorn, you have to get yourself a Magical Unicorn Mask, in adult size.

Seriously, how could you NOT buy a unicorn mask, now that you know it’s available?